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Jeff Paul – How To Make A Surgeon’s Income Being A Consultant

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Jeff Paul - How To Make A Surgeon’s Income Being A ConsultantJeff Paul – How To Make A Surgeon’s Income Being A Consultant

Lifetime support – Download unlimited when you buy Jeff Paul – How To Make A Surgeon’s Income Being A Consultant Course at BeeCourse. The market leader in online learning – Offers a variety of diverse topics: Internet Marketing, Forex & Trading, NLP & Hypnosis, SEO – Traffic,

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All other reproduction or transmission, or any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any informational storage or retrieval system, is prohibited without express written permission from the publisher.

LEGAL NOTICES: While all attempts have been made to provide effective, verifiable information in this Book, neither the Author nor

Publisher assumes any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, or omissions. Any slights of people or organizations are unintentional. If advice concerning tax, legal, compliance, or related matters is needed, the services of a qualified professional should be sought.

This Book is not a source of legal, regulatory compliance, or accounting information, and it should not be regarded as such. This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered.

It is sold with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional service. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional person should be sought.

Due to the nature of direct response marketing and varying rules regulating business activities in many fields, some practices proposed in this Book may be deemed unlawful in certain circumstances and locations.

Since federal and local laws differ widely, as do codes of conduct for members of professional organizations and agencies, Licensee must accept full responsibility for determining the legality and/or ethical character of any and all business transactions and/or practices dopted and enacted in his or her particular field and geographic location, whether or not those transactions and/or practices are suggested, either directly orindirectly, in this Book. As with any business advice, the reader is strongly encouraged to seek professional counsel before taking action.

NOTE: No guarantees of income or profits are intended by this book. Many variables affect each individual’s results.

Your results will vary from the examples given. Hidden Profits Advertising, Inc. cannot and will not promise your personal success. Hidden Profits Advertising, Inc. has no control over what you may do or not do with this mail-order success program, and therefore cannot accept the responsibility for your results.

You are the only one who can initiate the action, in order to reap your own rewards! Any and all references to persons or businesses, whether living or dead, existing or defunct, are purely coincidental.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Marketing Checkups An Easy Way To Make Up To $2,000 Per Hour..5

Why You Should Perform A Marketing Checkup Before You Agree To Take On A New Client..7

What Equipment And Supplies You’ll Need To Do $2,000 Marketing Checkups 9

How To ‘Set Up’ A Marketing Checkup ..11

Example #1 How To Get More Customers And Increase The Effectiveness Of All Your Ads, Letters,

Promotions And Brochures13
Example #2 Would You Like Some Powerful Marketing Strategies To Get New Customers And Increase

Your Cash-Flow? .21

How To Double Or Triple The Response To Your Sales Letters23

Example #3 Phone Script For Following UP The “Dollar Bill” letter.25

How To Customize Marketing Checkups To Specific Industry Groups. ..27

Example #4 How to get new clients and referrals for your Accountancy Practice – even if your fees are
higher than your competitors. .29

How To “Close The Sale” When Following Up Your Initial Letter33

How to Handle The Fact Finding Questionnaire ..35


How To “Confirm” the Time for Your $2,000 Marketing Checkup 47

Example #6 Here’s how to prepare for your Marketing Checkup and audio-tape recording49

The Marketing Checkup Outline.51

Example 7: Thank You Letter..53

How to Turn Your Checkups into a Money Machine..55


Lead Generation Ad .61

Special Report 1 13 Costly Direct Marketing Mistakes..65

Special Report 2 9 Remarkable Ways to Increase Your Sales and Profits .77

Yellow Page Ads Consultation ..89

Marketing Consultant’s Small Business Marketing Magic Checklist ..95

Marketing Consultant’s Sample Advanced Consultation 99

Consciousness” in the fitness marketplace! (Meaning that your company and products become108

SYNONYMOUS with fitness! Which is many magnitudes of success higher than simple “name 108

Lifetime support – Download unlimited when you buy Jeff Paul – How To Make A Surgeon’s Income Being A Consultant Course at BeeCourse. The market leader in online learning – Offers a variety of diverse topics: Internet Marketing, Forex & Trading, NLP & Hypnosis, SEO – Traffic,

Introduction to Marketing Checkups

An Easy Way To Make Up To $2,000 Per Hour

The “Marketing Checkup” (or consultation) can actually be adapted to virtually any professional service. For example

  • Sales Checkup
  • Engineering Checkup
  • Customer Service Checkup
  • Insurance Checkup
  • Accounting Checkup
  • Factory Procedures Checkup
  • Financial Checkup
  • Computer System Checkup
  • Plumbing Checkup
  • Electrical Checkup
  • Telephone Checkup
  • Mortgage Checkup

and so on.
It’s simply a way of putting a value on your knowledge. And by putting a real value on your time from the word ‘go’ your services will become much more valuable to your prospective (and existing) clients.

The fee you’ll ultimately charge is up to you. You can start at $200, $500 or $1,000 it’s up to you. However, it should reflect the amount of measurable value your client will get from your advice. As a general rule.

The Better The Advice – The More You Should Charge.

I know that an hour of good marketing advice can easily make a business owner an extra million dollars (or more) in the next 12 months. I’ve seen it happen on a number of occasions when the client actually followed through on the recommendations.

Warning: Don’t sell yourself cheap. If you don’t feel your advice is worth a lot of money, go and
invest in educating yourself with some of our programs so that it will be worth the money!!

Why You Should Perform A Marketing Checkup Before You Agree To Take On A New Client

As a consultant, you’ll find a lot of your time is wasted by people wanting your valuable advice -but not necessarily wanting (or able) to pay for it. You’ll often find yourself spending 30 minutes or more on the phone, (or in front of a person) having your brain ‘sucked dry’ for no fee or commitment on their part.The “Marketing Checkup’ is a simple way to.

1. Find those people that are serious.

2. Get paid for the time you initially spend with a new, potential client.

3. Develop an on-going source for potential ongoing clients who need your other (more extensive) services. And most importantly, a ‘Marketing Checkup’ can

4. Create a product you can re-sell over and over again. This will give your consulting business great leverage. It also builds credibility for you in the marketplace.

From a consultant’s point of view, a Checkup is a great profit center if done correctly. It also gives you greater exposure in the marketplace and adds a new level of market awareness for your business. Important Note: As a consultant you’ll come across a lot of people who want to get your advice for free. Checkups are an ideal way to weed them out before you waste your time and energy

“At Last, The Totally Risk Free

Way For Entrepreneurs Like

You To Make Huge Sums of Money

Without Ever Leaving Home!”

“How To Make A Surgeon’s Income As A Home Based Business

Consultant (After All It’s Not Brain Surgery) Is The Easy Way To Enjoy

The Totally Risk Free Satisfaction Of Making $500-$1,000 An Hour,

$10,000-$20,000 A Month From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!”


If you’re like many of my friends, you may be searching for the perfect blend of extra income and personal satisfaction but without the extra hard work. If you’re becoming frustrated in the search for that Ideal Home Businessor that perfect additional Profit Center for your current business, I may have the perfect solution for you.

Advise and Profit!

“How To Make A Surgeon’s Income As A Home Based Business Consultant (After All It’s Not Brain Surgery)” gives you everything you’ll ever need to start and run you very own successful Home Business, and still have the time you need to spend with your family. Better time toobecause there’ll be extra cash for goofing off and taking vacations. With enough left over for your retirement fund and all those school “extras.”

I’ll show you all you need to know. If you have absolutely no special skills, no problem.

I’ve never made less than $100,000.00 a year, part-time, from my home based business consulting. I think most people can do the same thing I do and have the same potential, if they choose to make use of it.

Today’s individuals and businesses continue to show their need, desire, demand and willingness to pay for “advice” and “specialized, expert assistance.” In today’s time crunched world, there may never be a better time to start as a home based business consultant.

You’ll find consulting is a near-perfect business. You have enormous freedom. you can operate with virtually no overhead, even from home if you choose.and it is relatively easy to “bill” at least $1,000.00 a day.

There are thousands of industries available, so the odds are you have some combination of education, practical knowledge, experience, credibility and interests that can be “packaged” with the right SYSTEM and sold as consulting services desired by some market or markets. (Among my friends and clients who’ve become successful consultants, there is a carpet cleaner, a computer operator, a volleyball coach and the list goes on).

Why Do Some People Find Home Based Business Consulting Is
The Easiest Way To Make Huge Piles of Cash While Others Have To
Slave Every Day Fighting In The Rat Race Just To Make A Meager Living?

One thing I find interesting is how one consultant earns $250,000.00 a year, and another barely squeaks by above poverty level at $20,000. If you’ve ever wondered that yourself, I do have the answer.

In fact, there’s more than one answer, but the main one is that it is absolutely critical, to have a SYSTEM that you can master, in order to hit high income levels in Home Based Business Consulting.

After years of people asking me how I’ve built my consulting business and helped others to build theirs, I decided to create a Course; actually a simple SYSTEM of how I do it.

Who Is This SYSTEM For?

Experienced consultants will find this a good addition to what they might be doing now and will certainly discover a strategy new to them – many experience a major income explosion when adding this SYSTEM to their toolbox. People just wanting to get started as a Home Based Business Consultant will find this to be almost the equal of guaranteed success insurance for their new business.

So, who should get this Course? Any already established consultant who wants to boost their income giving marketing and business advice, or who wants a better way of making money and attracting new clients. Also, anyone interested in making $500 to $1,000 a day “part-time”. Many executives, computer experts and other professionals do very, very well in the consulting business.

In fact, I’m so confident you can do the same.

Here’s what you get with

“How To Make A Surgeon’s Income As

A Home Based Business Consultant

(After All, It’s Not Brain Surgery!)

This Course includes two CD’s giving an incredible grounding in marketing that every business owner needs. It covers question and answers, how-to strategy and the best ways to market a business. Its companion is a 157 page Manual.

Lifetime support – Download unlimited when you buy Jeff Paul – How To Make A Surgeon’s Income Being A Consultant Course at BeeCourse. The market leader in online learning – Offers a variety of diverse topics: Internet Marketing, Forex & Trading, NLP & Hypnosis, SEO – Traffic,

The SYSTEM includes:

  • How to make more money from home but still be able to spend more time with your family and not have to deal with traffic or corporate bullshit.
  • It will allow you to give your family the higher standard of living you’ve been wanting for them!
  • A detailed and easy to understand “how-to” course on setting up and doing Marketing Checkups from your home.
  •  You can remove the financial pressures you feel every time you find out the kids need braces, or the brakes go on the car and the first thing you think of is.how much is THIS going to cost me.
  •  Why a phone based consultation system you do from your home office is the best way to give advice.
  •  How to have less distractions so you have less stress, have all your resources at your fingertips, and you remain in your comfort zone.
  • You’ll learn how to be more professional and have a higher chance of success.
  • How to get repeat sales.
  • An easy side benefit of the SYSTEM that will grow the value of your business.

The resultYou’ll grow wealthy.

The Surgeon’s Income also features this incredible bonus

  • Marketing material written by professional, proven copywriters that have sold millions of dollars of products with the sales material they’ve written.
  • You won’t have to write any ads or sales letters. No agonizing copywriting study only to get it wrong. No big fees paid to a clueless copywriter.
  • You’ll have proven tools where most opportunities fall down and fail.
  • You’ll get proven ways to get leads and customers.
  • You can get started fast in your business.
  •  This will allow you to recoup you investment quickly.

In fact, you’ll virtually be out no money at all!

In addition, you AND your customers will get two amazing audio tapes to ground you AND them in marketing, before you ever speak to them.

  • This helps you client be prepared and ready to accept your advice.
  • You don’t have to learn everything about marketing on your own.
  • Your customers can get a grounding in the mindset from which you’ll be consulting from.
  • They will be more receptive to the advice and you won’t have to explain basic concepts to them.
  • There will be more time for “meat and potatoes” advice which will make you more valuable to your client.
  •  This will get them to listen to you, implement ideas and then come back for more advice.

The Surgeon’s Income features a fact finding questionnaire which is a way to weed out the looky-lou’s and pretenders.

  • This will allow you to only work with those serious about improving their business and more likely to comply with your suggestions. Thus, they see results and will hire you again..
  • It also keeps you from wasting time giving free advice and keeps you efficient, productive and profitable.
  • This is forced time management that will keep your home based business alive and thriving.

Another great by product of the How To Make A Surgeon’s Income program is that while going through the SYSTEM and following our roadmap, you can record all the consultations you do with your clients and turn them into info products by having your marketing advice transcribed and fashioned into a tape and book “product.”

  • This will boost your future sales and will allow you to make money more than once off of the same work. This is how to build long term success and tons of cash profits.
  • You’ll be able to increases the profits of your business exponentially.
  • You’ll know longer be just trading hours for dollars.
  • It leverages you into a more profitable business.
  • You get a company that can be sold while working less.

You’ll also have a phone script to follow for following up with your leads you generate from the enclosed sales letters.

  • This will further qualify the prospect and remind them about your sales letter which boosts response.
  • It will have more paying clients coming your way.
  • There will be less work for you to do in order to generate clients.

More great elements of this SYSTEM are:

  • It teaches you how to make your advice more valuable by customizing it.
  • You’ll learn to make more money for the same amount of work.
  • You’ll have a little item that continues the close, gets a small non-threatening commitment and keeps moving them
  • Your deal flow keeps coming.
  • You have a line up of waiting clients.
  • You spend your time where you make the real money.
  • You have an easy-to-use process because you don’t have to answer anything you don’t want to when first talking with the client.
  • You’re not caught off guard.
  • You don’t look foolish.
  • You don’t get discouraged and want to quit.
  • There’s a better chance of you succeeding and reaching financial freedom.
  • You get a step-by-step “System” to follow in order to make the process go smoothly.
  • You don’t have to be nervous about the call because you’ll have a system you follow each time.

You’ll also get a “Real” consulting report that I did for a client that paid over $6,500 for one day of consulting (6 hours only, I hate working 8 hour days). With this report you get:

  • A high priced marketing consultant’s brain in action.
  • To see how basic some of the advice is that is given to companies of which they’ll pay over $6,500 a day for.
  • Something you can model in your advice as it is relevant for many businesses.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but you get the idea.

The very reasonably affordable price means that you can recoup your investment with just one client. In fact, you’ll be way profitable after only one client.

You won’t have to make financial sacrifices to set up your business. And your family won’t suffer while you’re getting started.

The AVERAGE hourly rate charged by consultants now exceeds $100.00 AN HOUR – and that’s why a good consultant armed with this course can make more money part-time than many doctors, lawyers or other professionals make working “Overtime”!

I thought about and really considered selling this SYSTEM for $1,000.00 or more. But I was convinced me to bring the price down.

Let’s summarize:

  1.  “How To Make A Surgeon’s Income As A Home Based Business Consultant (After All It’s Not Brain Surgery) – This 157-page manual is the foundation of the entire program.
  2. Everything I’ve talked about is covered in complete detail. Most marketing material tells you what to do and very little else. That’s not the case here. Not only are you told what to do, the reasoning behind every step you take is thoroughly explained. And, most important of all, you are given complete step-by-step details showing you precisely how to carry out each step.
  3.   BONUS #1: Personal Instruction

Even with everything you get, because this information is so new to you, you may still have questions you’d like answered. Here’s a powerful solution.

You get two hours on audio tape of live instruction to ground you in the things you need to know to run a business like this. This is the same advice that should be given to every client you work with and most of the ones you’ll give it to, just like you, will have had little or no background in marketing.

You’ll get two full hours of audio tapes featuring just about the best quick start information you could possibly think of.

This 2 CD program is yours free as part of this comprehensive program.

It’s Easy To Get Started

Getting started couldn’t be easier. The cost of this business-building program is very reasonable.  That includes the comprehensive course manual and all the bonuses.

Even though the price is extremely reasonable, here’s what’s really important. If this program was just another set of sales or telemarketing tapes, it wouldn’t matter what the price is.

But if you can get a steady stream of new clients, double or triple your revenues, and continue to grow your business year after year for as long as you’re in business, what is that actually worth to you?

I can’t put an exact dollar figure on it for you – only you can do that. But I can tell you this, at this price, this program could very possibly be the best bargain and the best investment you’ll ever make.

To start your home based business consulting practice or make the one you already have, as profitable as possible, the easiest way to order is below – order online today.

Don’t Settle For Less Than What You Should Be Making
Do Something About It Today

Now that you know what’s possible, you’ll never again have to struggle to make a decent living even though you deliver excellent services.

You can now get all the highly-qualified clients you need to come to you you can close far more sales without resorting to undignified, high-pressure tactics you can regain control of your practice so you’re running your business rather than it running you you can take more vacation time and have more time to spend doing the things you really enjoy.

In short, you can restore the joy of doing business and pay yourself handsomely all in the same bargain.

Don’t wait. Take a minute and place your order today. Let’s get started right now on making your home based business a million dollar one!

Think of it this way. If you get just one new client using this program, you’ll have covered the entire cost of the program many times over. And if you could get one or two new clients a month? The return on investment is enormous!

Isn’t it time you started making what you’re truly worth?

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Jeff Paul – How To Make A Surgeon’s Income Being A Consultant
Jeff Paul – How To Make A Surgeon’s Income Being A Consultant


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