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Claude Hopkins - Safe AdvertisingClaude Hopkins – Safe Advertising

  1. Claude Hopkins’ third book..
  2. The advertising to promote the book..
  3. The Claude Hopkins Million-Dollar Advertising Collection
  4. “Scientific Advertising” by Claude Hopkins..
  5. “My Life In Advertising” by Claude Hopkins..
  6. The two rare J. Walter Thompson advertising books.
  7. The J. Walter Thompson advertising collection.

Advertising Secrets Claude Hopkins Left Out Of His Other Two Books!

Within its pages you’ll find secrets to creating multiple fortunes from effective advertising. He talks about things he didn’t share in his other two books.

Priceless and timeless things.

Secrets that can help almost any business owner, entrepreneur or marketer make more money today.

You’ll discover how to know before spending a dime if your promotion is a profit-rich winner or a money-losing dud.

You’ll uncover the behind-the-scenes methods Hopkins used to roll out one winning promotion after another for decades! Promotions that built multi-million and billion-dollar companies selling brands still popular in the 21st century.

You’ll learn how Hopkins and his team (especially his most trusted protege) worked together using a proven system for strategizing the success of just about any campaign and milking it for maximum profit.

You’ll know more than ever before about the things Hopkins pioneered and did to produce record-breaking sales and profits. Over and over again. In the most predictable manner possible.

And, by the time you’re done reading this book, you’ll have a “blueprint” at your fingertips for creating a winning strategy – in the most predictable fashion and with the highest odds of succeess – for all YOUR advertising too!

How Any Business Can Use Hopkins Breakthrough 
Techniques To Boost Bottom-Line Revenue

You won’t find a more comprehensive explanation of how Hopkins structured money-making advertising anywhere else. He discloses little-known methods that you can profit from today.

Yet few (very few) business owners have heard of these proven strategies.

Now at last you have a chance to “peer” inside the mind of the world’s greatest ad-man. Learn the tips, tricks, secrets, strategies and techniques that made Claude Hopkins a living legend. Discover how he crafted campaigns that started entire new industries.

Model and copy his strategies to sell more (much more) of your own products and services!

Top marketers are raving about this book. Some have candidly admitted this book may be even more instructive than Hopkins’ first two books. Here’s a chapter-by-chapter summary of a few of the secrets you’ll read about in this amazing book

Chapter 1 
How To Completely Eliminate
The Risk From Advertising!

Many people believe advertising is a gamble. That really is not true.

Hopkins reveals how to take the guesswork out of all your advertising. Follow his suggestions and you’ll stop advertising blindly. Wild theories will fly out the window.

Not only that, he points out how to reduce your exposure to a bare minimum. How to accurately predict the cost of a campaign and how much profit you can look forward to making. All of this is possible before you put up any money whatsoever.

Plus, he addresses how to turn an advertising failure into a smashing success.

So, if you want your ads to work like crazy, pay careful attention to this chapter. You’ll learn how to make all your promotions make serious money.

Chapter 2 
How Understanding Human Nature Allows
Advertisers To Create Fortunes!

Claude Hopkins has probably produced more profit from his advertising than any other copywriter. The reason for his consistent success is simple.

He understood what made people (his prospects) “tick.” His ability to influence the masses is unmatched.

So in this section, you’ll learn the single biggest secret to massive profits in direct marketing. This secret applies to anyone savvy enough to exploit it’s money-making power. It’s the one piece of knowledge business owners in the “know” have used to create multiple fortunes quickly and easily.

It can do the same for you!

Chapter 3 
How To Multiply Advertising Results
As Fast As Humanly Possible!

In Chapter 3, you’ll discover the only thing absolutely certain in advertising. Miss this and you can kiss your profits good-bye. Use it wisely and a river of cash will flow your way.

Plus, you’ll find out how to use the “Law of Averages” to remove the stress and struggle from making your ads pay off. And how to test a campaign the smart way. And what to consider before investing your advertising dollars. Few people think of this.

There’s even more: You’ll learn how to master the art and science of multiplying advertising results safely. And how to avoid costly mistakes (like the $816,000 blunder one advertiser made) that could ruin your business.

Chapter 4 
How To Find And Hire The Best
Copywriting Talent In The World!

Listen, if you hire copywriters the sage advice in this chapter can make you rich or save you a small bundle.

Lord & Thomas Advertising used this secret to gather a stable of top copywriters and become a world-renowned ad agency. The major players in direct response marketing also use this secret today to attract and retain the best copywriting talent.

(Note: This also works to find the best people in any field.)

Chapter 4 also reveals the one element in advertising considered the real margin between cost and result. Easy to overlook. Get it wrong and your the chances of hitting it big are virtually wiped out. Get it right and the odds are stacked in your favor.

Chapter 5 
How The “Master Mind” Concept Gives
You An Unfair Advantage In Business!

The “master mind” idea was made popular in “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Long before Hill wrote his tome, Hopkins and Lord & Thomas had created the greatest team of experts on advertising the world had ever seen.

This chapter reveals how to come up with million-dollar ideas almost on demand. How to figure out which ideas are worth pursuing and which ideas to drop. And how to guarantee you make more money in your business.

The few who know the simple secrets here will reap staggering rewards.

Chapter 6 
How To Position Yourself, Product
Or Service As A Market Leader!

In this chapter, Hopkins outlines how Lord & Thomas Advertising established their credibility with clients. You’ll discover how any company can entrench itself as the only solution and market leader.

Hopkins shows how to put an iron-clad cage around customers, clients and patients. How to be the only choice for your product or service.

And how to bury the competition so far in the dust they’ll never catch up!

Chapter 7 
The Real Secret To Finding Out
If An Ad Will Work Before You Run It!

Lord & Thomas Advertising spent a reported $100,000 to have this at their disposal.

Serious direct marketers need the same thing. Because no one – no matter how experienced in the advertising field – can depend on their own judgment about the selling power of an ad. I’m not talking about testing here either.

Hopkins reveals the surest guide to what methods and copy work best. This “guide” lets you know which mediums to test which strategies are proven winners and which selling systems can supercharge your business growth.

Don’t even think of advertising without something similar at your disposal.

Chapter 8 
The Best Way To Increase The Return
On Investment Of A Promotion!

Some say buying cheap ad space or cheap mailing lists or cheap “clicks” is the best way to increase advertising ROI.


But only to an extent.

Claude Hopkins sets the record straight on this debate. He explains the truth about buying cheap exposure and the real secret to getting a bigger bang from your ad budget. Focus on what he says and you can make almost any ad generate profits. Even the ones that cost an arm and a leg.

He also reveals how to get the very best price no matter what medium you use. This secret alone (and it is a secret to 99% of advertisers) lets you advertise at the lowest cost possible every time.

Chapter 9 
How To Provide The Kind Of Service
That Keeps Customers Loyal!

Here Hopkins explains why most businesses fail to give customers a high-level of personal service. And how to boost your customer loyalty and reduce returns, refunds and customer attrition.

Business owners absolutely need to hear and follow these suggestions.

Not only will you be more productive but just as crucial your customers will get the service they demand and deserve.

Chapter 10 
How To Expand A Start-Up Enterprise
Into A Booming Business!

In this chapter, Claude Hopkins reveals how to take a start-up and grow it exponentially and as quickly as possible.

You’ll learn how to prevent a business disaster from derailing your efforts. How to make sure your project has a fighting chance from the get-go. And how to evaluate a product to find it’s hot-button selling points.

You get a “no-filler” explanation of the lowest-risk, highest-probability-of-success method for getting any product, service or business off the ground.

Chapter 11 
How Established Businesses Can Multiply
The Power Of Their Advertising!

Complacency eats away at the profits of many established businesses.

The owners feel if things are going okay it’s best to leave good enough alone. Hopkins shatters that myth in this chapter. He reveals why getting a fresh pair of eyes to look at your advertising can make a substantial difference to your bottom line.

Why you should test different mediums and continually add profitable ones to your marketing mix. And how to take an old, worn out offer and breathe new life into it.

Making it irresistible once again.

When you finish reading this book, you’ll have a complete picture of how to make advertising pay. You’ll know the closely-guarded secrets of the best ad-man who ever lived.

Even better you’ll be able to use those secrets in your business.

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Claude Hopkins – Safe Advertising
Claude Hopkins – Safe Advertising


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